Wednesday, February 11, 2009

blast off!

Ever wanted to go into space?! Ya know, just forget about all of your worries and just think about how you're going to get the water in your mouth before it rises to the ceiling?!

Well, now you can!! FOR FREE!!!!

NASA has decided to give away free "flights" to anyone who has a good idea for space travel.

If you have an idea, but not the cast to test it out, all you have to do is apply by March 20th. If they think it's a good idea, you get to experience an anti-gravity flight for NOTHIN' sometime over the summer! How sweet is that!

It may not be a real trip into space, but it's in one of those machine things that makes you feel like you are.. And it will last 2 hours! So either way, you're getting to do something AWESOME, FOR FREE! Who can turn that down, right?!

Also, they are taking ideas from groups as well. So if anyone has any really great ideas, please share, and then we can ALL go! YES!


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