Monday, February 2, 2009

because you want to know

I know all of you guys have been sitting on the edge of your seats just waiting to read what I thought about the Super Bowl.

Okay... You probably already know how I felt about the game.. But let's be honest. The Super Bowl is almost more about the OTHER stuff. Ya know, the performers, commercials, food...

First up.. Jennifer Hudson. Can we say Uh-May-Zing?!?! She was absolutely incredible. Yes, unfortunately she was lip syncing, but it wasn't her choice. Honestly, producers of the show have come out saying they forced her to do it because they thought it would be best. But who cares?! It was a great recording!

I think I have watched it a good 5 times, and I get goosebumpies every time. She's incredibly talented, and I'm so glad to see her out in public and performing again. [She'll also be performing at the NAACP Image Awards!]

People are even wondering if hers, or Whitney's version, of the Star Spangled Banner is better. Hmmm.. I think my vote goes for Jennifer, honestly. It's so wholesome but SO great. Ah, I loved it. She's easily one of the best singers alive right now.

Speaking of performers, how about the halftime show? I've said it before, a million times, and here I go, about to say it again... I'm sick of old school people performing for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. I want it to be a mix of old school, country, pop, rap, r&b.. EVERYTHING!

Every year since the wardrobe malfunction, it's just been oldies getting up on stage trying to fit into this generation. Prince tried to make it look like he was playing with his "thing," and now Bruce Springsteen practically straddled all of us. I just wasn't impressed.

Tell me if I'm wrong in what I'm saying, but I don't think I am. And frankly, I won't care if you think I am. :) They need to get over the malfunction and get back to the good ol' days, dangit! [I mean seriously.. They need to just watch out for porn getting on the broadcast.]

Now onto the reason that many female Steelers.. I mean... "Football" fans watched the game- The commercials.

These are my favorites.. In no particular order:

[I love, and I love comparing the present to the past. Enough said.]

[I think this one is going down in Super Bowl Ads history.. Just sayin'.]

[Who doesn't like a good love story?!]

[These are just hilarious and have always been some of my favorites. OMG the black baby is hilarious!!! Here are more outtakes:]

[What an amazing network commercial!! I love it.]

[I don't know why this is funny to me.. But it is.]

[The irony is so fabulous. The fact that this is real is fabulous. The hilarity is fabulous. Ahh, I love it.]

And as for two movies that I'm really pumped about:

[Will Ferrell I love you.]

So... I guess... Congrats to the Steelers. [Ugh.] But the season is officially over come Sunday which means no one is good anymore!!! ;) REDSKINS, NEXT YEAR IS OUR YEAR!!


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Anonymous said...

Maybe the Redskins' female fans only watch the super bowl for the commercials but I know the Steelers have the largest female fan base of any pro team. We know the game. We love the game. We couldn't care less about the dumb commercials.