Monday, January 19, 2009

when football meets the government

Some people may recall a very important question that was asked during the Redskins-Steelers gave one day before Election Day; "What is one thing you would change about football?"

Obama's answer: College football needs a playoff system.

Well, that's actually not what I'm here to really talk about, I just liked his answer. But, it helps get me into a topic... How government officials really do get into the spirit of sports.. Most importantly, football.

Recently, 3 officials were involved in silly acts having to do with their corresponding football teams.

For instance, the mayor of Pittsburgh, Mr. Luke Ravenstahl, didn't think his name was appropriate for yesterday's playoff game. [They played the Ravens.. Which is conveniently placed in his last name.]

So, in order to help with the spirit of the team and possibly get them into the Super Bowl, what'd he do? Oh yeah, he legally changed his name to Steelerstahl.

And no, I'm not kidding. It was changed last Wednesday, with a ceremony and all, and he claims it will stay at least until the game [which was last night, of course] and maybe longer. And I'm thinking since they won, he'll probably keep it at least until Super Bowl Sunday.

I'm all about having spirit for your team. And most of the time, I like people who are obnoxious about it [Unless it's a large group of people, especially girls, who are being obnoxious, and seem to know nothing about what they are cheering for.. Then I just want to punch them in the face.], and this is pretty over the top!

I do applaud him for doing it.. But, you're the mayor. This is crazy-talk! And doesn't it take a bit of effort to get your name changed? Even if he is the mayor...

However, I guess if he were to keep it for as long as he's in Pittsburgh, I don't think he'd have to worry about someone beating him in an election. That city is crazy about their team, and no one will beat this guy in an election.

Besides him, we have two senators taking part in the fun and excitement that we call football. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, and Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma placed a bet on the National Championship Game of College Football.

The loser had to sing a song of the other's choice. If Oklahoma had won. Senator Nelson would have sang the title song from the "Oklahoma!" musical. But since Florida won, Senator Coburn had to sing Elton John's Rocketman. [Nelson once flew on the space shuttle!]

Well, that's certainly not the best singing we have ever heard, eh?! But I guess that was nice of Mr. Nelson to help in the sing-along. They sure did butcher it though, huh?!

Honestly, I think it's really cool that they get so involved.. Especially with college football. That is an incredibly competitive atmosphere, and to see that the officials recognize that, but can join in on the FUN of it, is neat.

And so what if they should be doing something more "productive" in office.. Let's be honest. This country is screwed either way. [Until tomorrow, at least.]


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Milfypoo said...

Did you know that "stahl" is German for "steel"? So his name now means "Steelersteel."