Friday, January 30, 2009

wake up ashton!

You know the times when there are terribly loud noises outside of your window and all you want to do is sleep?! Sometimes it's even super early, and all you want to do is cuss out whoever is doing it.

Well, when someone messes with Ashton Kutcher and his sleep-time, he's not going to be too happy. And since he's Mr. A-Lister, he can do something about it.. Publicly.

So when his neighbors decided to build a house at 7:00 yesterday morning, he posted a video about how he felt.

Wow. I guess he's going to lose it on this jacka$$ neighbor guy, huh?! The guy better watch out after this little warning from one of the more popular guys in Hollywood.

Ashton, you're hilarious. I know this might not be funny to you, but it's fabulous for all of us. Thank you for giving us something GOOD to wake up to.


PS: He's got a pretty sweet deck/porch, man!

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