Friday, January 30, 2009

the new fashion

Watch out guys! There's a new fashion coming out, bound to be a hit, and it's something you're probably not ready for.

Thanks to designer Marc Jabobs, ya'll might be wearing SKIRTS soon.

No, not kilts. Even better. Straight up skirts. Sometimes even with leggings! How special. Check some of the looks out that have been on the runways:

Okay.. So when I said they'd be a hit, I was lying. Or, at least I hope I was.

None of this looks remotely good. And not because it's a skirt on a guy, but the whole look is pretty feminine in general.

Marc Jacobs has on pink and black leggings underneath his, acting like the combat boots will help bring some masculinity. The second guy's is the most masculine, but it looks like he wrapped a brown paper bag around him. The third look IS a guy.. But you'd never know with that scarf over his face. And the last one has the Beyonce 'fro from Goldmember, and stilettos on.

HOW ARE ANY OF THESE OKAY?!?! They're not. And I hope that I don't see anyone I know wearing them, because if I do, I'm disowning them as my friend.

Sorry, but at least I'm honest, right?!


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