Wednesday, January 7, 2009

too young to drive

Am I the only one who used to dream of driving their parents' car when they were little?

Ya know, you have a dream about being late for something, or maybe something happens to your mom and you need to take over the wheel.. Or, maybe you're just a badass and want to go on an adventure. It is your dreams, after all..

Well, I think I had these dreams when I was maybe.. 10. At the youngest.

For a 6 year old boy in Richmond, these "dreams" became reality.

When he missed the bus in the morning, he went inside and took the keys to his family's 2005 Ford Taurus and drove off to school. And when I say drove to school, I mean he literally got 10 miles away from home. TEN MILES!!! All while his mother was asleep.

Okay. Couple things. HOW did he reach the pedals?! And if he could reach, how did he see over the steering wheel?! Apparently he ran off of the road a couple of times, but still.. I always had help driving in my little-kid dreams!

Also.. How did he know how to get to school if it's over 10 miles away?! When I was 6, I definitely couldn't navigate myself around the town. Then again, I wasn't a genius.. So maybe he is.

Anyways, his little adventure came to an end when he crashed into a utility pole.. But no worries.. Even though he wasn't wearing a seat belt, he is A-OK!

No matter the circumstances, this is nuts.
Kid- You're crazy. And brave. And nuts.
Mom- You're an idiot for not even knowing where your kid is. Aren't you supposed to take him to the bus stop if he's 6?
Kid- Wow. That's all I can say now.


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