Friday, January 2, 2009

one last goodbye to 2008..

First of all, I hope everyone had a FABULOUS New Year.. And well, overall holiday season!! I personally can't believe it's over. Weird.

But anyways, since 2008 is officially history [in a LOT more ways than just one..], I want to take just one more look on what may have been some of the best videos to hit the internet throughout the year. [Thanks to people who voted on YouTube.]

Some of the videos on the list I have shared, numerous times. Such as Christian the Lion, Yes We Can, Palin and Katie Couric Interviews, the puppy cam, and Frozen Grand Central Station.

Others, I have not. And they're definitely worth your time. [Duh. They're the best videos of the year, why wouldn't they be?]

First check out this "version" of The Beatles' "Hey Jude".

Oh my goodness! This is precious! She's SO smart to know all of the words! But it's also really funny. #1 because she can't say her y's and l's.. But also because she doesn't lean into the mic when she's singing, really. In the beginning she leans in when she's NOT singing. I love every second of it.

Then, we have quite the opposite of this little genius girl. We have someone auditioning for Bulgaria's Idol..

It took a while for some people I showed this to to catch on to what was happening, so hopefully you did. My goodness. I mean, when you first hear a song, but you feel like singing, you KNOW you make up your own little words that sort of sound like whatever they're saying. But.. uh... To go on national TV and sing your own version.. Well, that's just not smart.

And I'm going to keep going with this musical theme I've started out on here. I've shared the John McCain being rickrolled by Obama video, so here is just Barack Obama's.

These things are so freakin' genius. Okay, maybe not genius. Maybe neat is the more proper word since I used genius for the "Hey Jude" singin' baby. Anyways, they're giggle-worthy.

Hopefully you have heard of Jeff Dunham. If not, he's a standup comedian who uses puppets in his acts. But they're not stupid by any means. This year's favorite was Achmed.. The dead terrorist.

"I'll kill you." It's amazing the things people can get away thanks to "freedom of speech." I love America.

This next one isn't the newest video out there, but since I personally haven't shared it, I should now. Good ol' news reporter mess-ups.

If you're wondering.. No, this wasn't live. Thank goodness for him. I guess one of his "friends" behind the scenes got him good after this little flip out of his. But uhh. Is that how you feel Bill? I mean, I think you should tell us how you really feel.... Just sayin'.

Finally.. My brother told me that they actually turned some of this into a commercial, which is sweet.. But check out this original version of guys who found a lot of interesting ways to put their jeans on.

I'm pretty amazed. That takes skill. And just imagine if they missed the pant legs and basically tripped mid-flight.. I just can't see that ending well. But I would like to try the back flip off of the sea-saw and into.. well, anything.

So there they are. And they shall remain in history. Or on the internet. And maybe in people's bookmarked pages. And definitely here on love, elizabethany..

Eh, I guess we might still see these guys quite a bit.. Who knows.


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