Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the best world series

So this weekend marked the 4th annual World Series of a really competitive "sport."

Obviously it's not baseball, or anything you might see on ESPN.. But something more important to my/our generation.

Something we sometimes base our lives, or at least our nights, around.

It's called: Beer Pong.

Yep, the 4th annual World Series of Beer Pong was held this weekend in Las Vegas. 400 teams competed for a $50,000 prize, and other cool diddies. The winners: Smashing Time.. Which is a team of 2 25 year olds from Long Island, NY.

Their strategy: "The key today was me getting real drunk and my partner not missing, and us coming out and proving we're the best," Ron Hamilton says.

At the competition, there was music blaring, and a huge crowd cheering their home team, or just someone they like, on. It was probably one of the best parties you can witness.

Honestly, to those that don't understand the craze that is beer pong, or how serious it can really get, maybe check out There's even a link on there for the World Series site.

Also, it has the REAL rules for the game. No more "house rules." For instance, you're allowed to bounce with no one blocking your shot. There is no such thing as an "elbow rule." No blowing, OR fingering.. AND.. Rollbacks.. If BOTH people make it, only one person gets to reshoot.

Personally, I hate their rules. But I guess it's not my "house."

Maybe one day I, or someone I know and can cheer for, will make it up there. The pricing isn't bad at all to stay for 4 days.

Someone sign me up!


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