Tuesday, December 16, 2008

still the same

Everyone has at least heard about the controversial photoshoot that Miley Cyrus did earlier this year..

People were saying they couldn't believe she posed the way she did, and without very much clothing.

Well, I found some pictures from her "first ever" photoshoot. You tell me if it would really surprise you or not.

First of all, she's adorable. And looks the EXACT same. And I realize that especially when she's this young, he doesn't have much say in what pictures are taken and how he is portrayed.

HOWEVER.. This belly shirt thing i a little... not okay for a 10 year old girl. Not when she's doing it for a photoshoot or whatever. If you want to run around in this shirt in the backyard, fine.. But this is scandalous!!

And her face in the first one make me laugh. It's SO her just being Miley.. Am I right?!

So, sorry, but I think it was inevitable for her to do that Rolling Stone shoot.

Way to go, Hannah Montana. Scandalous from the beginning. From the inside out. I wonder if this is what created Hannah Montana


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