Tuesday, December 16, 2008

chuckE goes hard!

Lookin' for a place to watch a good fight? Forget going to the ring!

All you need is good ol' Chuck E Cheese's!

Ya know, where a kid can be a kid!

Yeah, officers say that they get more calls about fights there, than ANY OTHER restaurant around.. Including a biker bar right down the street from a recent mouse house brawl.

Apparently an "uninvited adult" showed up at a child's birthday party, and Mom wasn't too happy. Before long, over FORTY ADULTS were involved in the throwing of chairs, screaming and fighting.

....All while the singing, dancing, and blinking Chuck-E and friends were performing on stage just feet away.

I mean.. Why doesn't this surprise me?! This world is crazy nowadays. The fact that parents are throwin down in front of their kids at their birthday party just shows no one knows how to grow up.. Or how to not always think about themselves..

Can't say that I ever want to grow up, though. I just know how to do it, unlike these trailer trash people. [Yikes. Should I say that? Meh, I don't even know who they are.. So fine.]


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