Sunday, December 14, 2008

sex of the day 121408

Unfortunately this "sex episode" isn't nearly as exciting as the first one, but it qualifies. :)

First of all.. Who do you think should be held responsible when a guy rapes a girl?

If I were the judge, I'm pretty sure nothing could convince me that it was someone else's fault besides the guy's. But, I'm a girl, maybe I'm lopsided...

Especially since the judge ruled that when an 18 year old guy raped a 7 year old, it wasn't his fault... Apparently, it was his parents' fault.

Uhhhhh.... How so? Did they shove him on the girl and make him do it? Doubtful.

The court is saying "The boy has seen obscene video clips through the Internet since he was 13, and he imitated what he had seen in committing the crime. Taking this into consideration, his parents should have prevented him from having obscene material and paid extra attention to giving him sex education."

Okay.. Again.. Last time I checked, this is 2008. The end of it, even. Kids/teens/young adults/whoever know of a MILLION ways to get on the internet and find random things without their parents having ANY idea. If the internet is to blame, fine. But I don't know that the parents are to blame for what a LEGAL ADULT has done.

Yeah, teach your kids what's right and wrong, but goodness... They're being fined 60,000$!! That's insane.

Alright guys.. Are you looking for a way to ignite the flames after hours? If you need any help on how to say the right things, Men's Health is here for ya.

They made a list of sexy statements that will turn her on.. Here they are:
  • It's okay to go slow.. It builds trust, but it also builds a tension that will make her squirm for more.
  • That freckle is beautiful.. Compliments are necessary... Specific compliments make her feel extra special.
  • You.. Say it, and say it a lot. It makes her feel like less of an object of sex, and more of a woman.
  • You do that great... Or something of the sort. Let her know what you like, and stay silent when it's not so hott. She'll be more excited to keep going.. Just like you would be.
  • I'm going to---... Say things with certainty during the act. Save the questions for before or after the action. Stay confident, but not forceful.
  • You make me think dirty thoughts.. Think of this as a test to see how much "dirtiness" she can handle. Pay close attention to her reaction.
  • I want to make you feel good... Again, it's the whole making her feel like a queen. The better she feels with you, the better she can make you feel, too.
  • Next time I'm going to---... Anticipation is everything. Always give her something to look forward to.
  • You amaze me... Do I need to explain this type of comment again?
Definitely a good list. I concur, Men's Health. :)
Take notes, fellas!
Also, any section from Boys 2 Men's "I'll Make Love to You" would also probably work.. Or "Your Body is a Wonderland."

And there's your quick sex fix of the day! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!


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