Monday, December 8, 2008

sex of the day 120808

Okay, I have so many sexual things to talk about today I figured why not get them all in one post?! Makes sense, right?!

I think I will go in the order of ratings. Like G-rated, to X-rated.

First up--> The color of your undies on New Year's Eve.

Many countries believe that the color of your undies on the holiday shouldn't necessarily be based on what you want that night, but rather what you want for the whole year. So what if your man's favorite color is black? Wear the color that represents what you want to come in 2009. Here are the meanings behind the colors-->

Gold/yellow--> Prosperity
White--> Peace and happiness
Blue--> Health
Pink--> Love
Red--> Passion

They're saying yellow is going to be the big color this year thanks to the economy and such.. I'm wondering what happens if I wear rainbow panties?! Do I get it all?! If not.. Yellow is what I SHOULD wear, I guess... But pink might be my choice. :) Or white.

Where's black, though?! Maybe it means something bad.. Yikes!

Looking for a Christmas present who loves huge Playboy posters etc.? Maybe they're going to college and you think this is the best way for them to fit in. You could always get them a bedspread with those huge posters right on them.

They say they're nice and comfy. And I'm sure they'd create quite the conversation when someone comes to sleepover. Eh, it's always good to have a nice icebreaker, huh?

Just please.. Don't get it for your grandpa.

So, is it possible for you to lose your virginity right now? If so, what's the best way to do it? It's a great thing that is so smart.. They put out this flow chart for you to figure it out!:

I feel like it's going to make a lot more people feel SOL than anything, though. Who knows.

Finally, I give to you.. The classic humping video.

No, not a porn you sicko! You know those crazy dogs that hump things all the time? This dog is satisfied with just humping the air.

HAHA! Oh my. That is either some serious dancing, or serious.. mm.. desires.

Well, I hope that gave you guys your sex "fix" for the day! It's tons of valuable information, duh, so remember it all! And see you and your undies on New Years! Choose wisely!


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