Tuesday, December 2, 2008

serious rage

Road rage is a "normal" thing.. It's seen every day, whether you're the one who has it, or you're the victim.

Often times, it even translates over into the parking lot. Ya know, when you have your eye, and maybe even your blinker, on a spot, and someone comes out of NOWHERE and takes it. Yeah, everyone's been there, everyone has wanted to beat up the driver, or maybe even ram the car until it moves and you get your spot.. But no one really ever does those things.

Well, no one except someone in Westmoreland County, PA, who chased after the winner of the spot around the parking lot the other day.. with a HAMMER.. threatening the other person's life.


Oh, and someone in England thought they'd be able to ram the winner's car out of the spot. Oh wait, I mean they DID.

Wow. First of all-- That's serious. Everyone is being held up in traffic because of it, and the "winner" is even paying the meter before the "loser" gives up. Second-- Why did the lady even try to keep her car in the spot? I mean she physically is trying to hold it/push it back in while the other guy is ramming it. I don't think you're a superhero, lady.. Sorry.

This is kind of scary, though. I'm not trying to have something like this happen to me.. However, take my spot, and you're done.


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