Tuesday, December 2, 2008

getting serious

So "mega-hunk" Michael Phelps [I say it in quotes on purpose... I'm not sure I understand the "mega-hunk" title people have given him...] has a girlfriend of 2 months.. Ever since his epic performance in Beijing.

First of all, is this the type of girl [whose name is Caroline "Caz" Pal and is a strip-club cocktail waitress in Vegas] you'd see the 29487 gold medals winner dating? Not me. I'd think of someone more classy, I think.

Her Myspace page says "Baby, let me upgrade you".. And let's be honest.. People in Vegas and photographers all over have probably seen her chest more than we've seen Michael's. Interesting.

Anyways, looks like they're moving fast. He brought her home to Maryland for Thanksgiving to meet the folks.. And the rest of the family. I wonder how they like her. All I can imagine is a Tila Tequila-like visit with the family.. With lapdances for everyone.

But, I'm not on to judge.............. Michael, this is your SHINING MOMENT! You could have pretty much anyone in the world, I bet.. So, if this is who is worthy of you, I trust your decision.............


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