Thursday, December 11, 2008

no thanks

The moment guys have been waiting for!!!

The hottest Kardashian sister's NAKED advertisement for PETA!!

Apparently she'd rather be nakey than wear animal's fur.

Oh wait... Did I say hottest Kardashian sis? I meant the complete opposite... My bad.

Here's Khloe.

Okay, I'll be honest, she looks a lot better than I would have expected. But, we live in a world with Photoshop, and I'm PRETTY SURE they went wild on this picture. Just sayin.

Either that, or they got a good angle. But I'm going with my first thought.

What do you think? Hott or not?!

I'm sorry Khloe. But you'll never be Kourtney.


1 comment:

The Tortured Artist: Diablo Tango said...

I think they're ALLLLL Hott in there own way. Kourtney is the most ethnic hott looking, Kim is the curvey hott one, and Khloe has strong features and is more of a hott head and hott one.