Thursday, December 4, 2008

middle aged mortal vs. michael phelps

What does a reporter do when the best swimmer in the world is in town and has a crazy hectic schedule!?

He squeezes in an interview, too! Just to make it possible for Phelps to fall asleep even faster.

On top of the interview, why not race?

I'm mad Anderson called himself a middle aged mortal, ha. As far as I know, a lot of people look at him as a god.. Most especially all the women who want him.

The thing I wonder is if he honestly thought he might beat Michael Phelps?! He's a fish. He ISN'T human, therefor a random, news reporter human probably won't beat him. But, to each his own.. I'm sure it was fun!

And, I wouldn't mind saying I raced Michael.. Even if I lost. IF.

For a middle aged mortal, I must admit Mr. Cooper, you don't look half bad.


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