Thursday, December 4, 2008

big trouble

Sometimes hiding your relationship isn't the best of all ideas. It might land you a 1 million$ lawsuit.

That's what happened to Chris Brown and Rihanna. When they were still in "hiding," a paparazzo caught a picture of the two, which led to their body guards supposedly beating down Luis Santana and stealing his $3000 camera at C. Breezy's 19th birthday party in May.

Ut oh.

But 1 million dollars?! That's a lot!! Apparently he has suffered a lot of "emotional stress" along with his camera and medical bills. Yeah, okay.

If you want to sue for camera damages and medical bills, fine. If you want to get some money for what you lost by not having those pictures to turn in, cool. But emotional stress? Really?!

I'm rooting for you guys, RiRi and fellow VA boy. :)


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