Thursday, December 4, 2008

THE ladies man

Ellen had this kid on her show a year ago when he first wrote his book, but he was on again recently, and now everyone is picking up his story.

I've mentioned him before, but now I'd like to go into detail since there's more info out there for me to tell you. :)

Alec Greve is a 9 year old kid, who wrote a book when he was 8.. And if that isn't impressive enough.. It's called "How to Talk to a Girl" and provides useful information for ALL of you guys.. No matter how old you are.

The lil guy did his research on the playground, where he would see boys going to talk to girls, and he would hide out and take notes on what did and didn't work.

I would love to just sum everything up, but instead, I'm going to provide quotes from interviews that prove the kid is a genius, and boys/guys/men everywhere should take note. :)

On why "a crush is like a love disease, it can drive you mad."--> "I've seen it. It can drive you mad because if a girl ditches you, you could get so depressed. Your grades drop — bad things happen."

How to talk to girls--> "You want to walk up casually — you can't look shy or nervous, like you're doing something really important. Just say "Hi." If she says "Hi" back, you're off to a good start. What you want to do is let the girl do most of the talking, start off asking about stuff she likes to do and then let her talk. If you mess up, it's not good. If the girl messes up, it's OK."

On why guys should stay away from pretty girls--> "Well, pretty girls … all they care about is their looks. She doesn't care about a boy liking her, or how a boy feels about her. It's just, "Oh, do I look nice?" Regular girls can be pretty, too. Plus, a regular girl has other things on her mind and is fun to be around."

And to put the icing on the cake, he says he isn't dating anyone because "I just haven't found the right girl yet."

Seriously, this kid is a genius. His answers are so thought out and proper, and not something you would expect to hear from a NINE YEAR OLD!!

He's like Hitch for little kids. Except he's not a man-hoe. He does things right.

And his future plans include lots more books. Once he's in middle school, he'll write part two. When he gets to high school, part three will be released, etc. You get the drift. He says he should get up to 6 parts!!

I want a copy of this book, and I want to buy it for all of my guy friends.
Too bad I'm not Ellen or Oprah making tons of money to give away free things.. Sorry.


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