Saturday, December 13, 2008

gotta love cats

Seriously, cats are hilarious. As much as I want to strangle mine lately, they are ALL hilarious.. Just the things they do to entertain themselves. They're so happy all the time!

Take this guy for example. I don't think he realizes that A) He's huge. And B) its not a little tunnel you can slide right through. But, suit yourself Mister..

And how about this up and coming boxing superstar? They should make a movie about him, just like Air Bud. He's certainly training to be the next Rocky, I think.

And then there's this guy, who acually looks terribly miserable. I thought cats hated water?! But, nonetheless, he's chillin, and lookin a lot like Yoda.

Finally, everyone jokes about people getting "action" from their pets.. And in the movies they always wake up to their dog licking them, not their wife. But, uh, I wonder what kind of dreams this guy was having?! Yikes.

Ahh, I love cats. And if you're one of those weird people who doesn't, I hope to convince you otherwise eventually. :)


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