Tuesday, December 2, 2008

concert dates

If you guys are sick of her being all over my blog, I'm sorry.. Kinda.. But not really.

I thought you should know that today, on her 27th birthday and release of Circus, she has also released all of her concert dates;

3/3--> New Orleans
3/5--> Atlanta
3/7--> Miami
3/8--> Tampa
3/11--> Uniondale, NY
3/13--> Newark, NJ
3/16--> Boston
3/18--> Toronto
3/20-->Kanata, ONT
3/22--> Montreal
3/24--> Washington, DC
3/26--> Uncasville, CT
3/27--> Pittsburgh
3/28--> Detroit
3/29--> Atlantic City
3/30--> Rosemont, IL
4/2--> Kansas City, MO
4/3--> Minneapolis, MN
4/6--> Edmonton [Canada]
4/8--> Vancouver
4/9--> Tacoma
4/11--> San Jose, CA
4/14--> Salt Lake City
4/16--> Los Angeles
4/19--> Anaheim, CA
4/22--> Sacramento
4/25--> Las Vegas
4/27--> Glendale, AZ

Wow, that is a LOT of dates.. And literally ALL OVER.. Except Texas, really.

I hope she can get through it with no problem! Hopefully you'll see me in Pittsburgh or DC! ;)


PS: She performed on Good Morning America, as I told you, this morning. She did Circus:

and Womanizer:

She LOOKS AMAZING! Even as a huge fan, I'll admit that she needs to throw away the lip-syncing act.. She did great though.. Definitely proud of her!! :)


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