Friday, December 26, 2008

college fun movie-style

Anyone ever seen the most recent [I think?] of the American Pie movies called "The Naked Mile"??

If not, it's called that because of the event that one school does in which they run a mile, completely naked.

Going back to the prude-thing that I just talked about, this is funny in the movie because really, most people can't imagine such a thing happening.

For the people at Chapman University, it's almost real, though.

After Fall semester finals, they all strip down into their undies and run together. [The clothes they strip off are sent to needy people in Africa..] Afterwards they play in a fountain in downtown Orange, CA [where the school is] and then party.. Still in their "outfits."

It's not exactly a "small" event, either! Over 1,500 people participated this year. Here are some of the pictures from the craziness:

There's more pictures here and also a video here... for all of you pervs! ;)

All I'm sayin is'... This looks like a lot of fun! You don't even have to be THAT scandalous.. It's just the thought that counts! And if I were Barack Obama about to be the president, I would totally demand such a thing to happen at every school, every semester. It's only helping people in other countries! We're not harming anyone..

So, yeah, someone help me make this happen over here on the East Coast. Thanks.