Monday, November 3, 2008

you're sexy

So someone from MSN decided they wanted women to know when they were sexy..

..Or, what made them sexy. And they came up with the following 5 things:

1. When you lock eyes and smile.
2. When you use girly body language.
3. When you don't starve yourself.
4. When you're.. ovulating.
5. When you're the one he loves.

As a girl, I can't say I'm SURPRISED by any of these.. (Except #4.. I don't get it I don't think.) But I definitely think guys would add more.

I'm sure guys want to see a little bit of cleavage, but there's definitely gotta be some left for the imagination.. Am I right?

And confidence/knowing what you want is also kinda sexy, I hear. Right or wrong?

I'd like to add to this list.. But I want you guys to help me! So please feel free to do so!

That goes for guys AND girls, by the way! :)


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