Thursday, November 20, 2008

technology works wonders

I know technology is about to take over and all.. And soon humans won't be real, we'll just be some sort of robots.. But now we've officially taken one step closer to that.

A girl in South Carolina just lived FOUR MONTHS WITHOUT A HEART! Yeah, the thing that pumps your blood and, well, determine if your alive or not.. She didn't have one.

Instead, she had some machine that did all of the pumping for her, so she stayed alive until there was a heart available for a transplant.

"You never knew when it would malfunction..... It was like I was a fake person, like I didn't really exist. I was just here."
--D'Zhana Simmons, the 14 year old

Yeah, I agree. That's very robot-esque first of all. Second, can you imagine living but knowing it was a machine keeping you alive?! I would poop my pants from being so scared every day.

You're one strong girl.. And your doctors or whoever made the device, are geniuses.


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