Wednesday, November 12, 2008

scary or sad?

Looks like one of Paula Abdul's fans may have been a little more.. mm.. Well, to keep things "right," maybe she didn't think about things as much as she should have.

A dead body was found in a car, RIGHT outside of Paula's house last night.. And they think it was an "extreme fan" that has been in her life for quite some time.

They assume the death was suicide, but they're taking the 30 year-old's body in to do an autopsy.

As for Paula-- She's taping for American Idol today, but is aware of the incident, and plans to release a statement later today. [I, of course, will post it.]

This is crazy. I'm not sure if I would be scared, sad, or what if I were Paula. I guess at this point she may have nothing to worry about, but why on Earth would someone do that outside of her house?! That's terrible. The lady already has a couple issues it seems.

Stay strong, Paula! And, keep your eyes out for any more weirdos, please. Idol needs you.


UPDATE!!!! 5:30pm

The lady who died was a former American Idol contestant who tried out in Season 6, and one other time.

Her name: Paula Goodspeed. And as much as this might be wrong, and we should let her rest in peace... Here is her audition:


Apparently she has been obsessed with Paula for over 17 years [did you SEE the drawings?!?!] and this isn't her first attempt at suicide, nor is it her first attempt to get Paula's attention outside of her house. The most recent time was 3 months ago when she tried to overdose on pills.

On her Myspace, she has a picture of Paula Abdul licking her lips and declaring that she is her secret crush.

Uhhh... Wow. Paula Abdul, you gotta watch out, girl.

And what did Paula say?! Welp.. she's deeply shocked and saddened.

What a crazy story. I literally don't even know what to say about this. So creepy. But, RIP. Now you can watch over Paula any time you want.... [Woah.]


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