Monday, November 17, 2008

reunion performance

I'm sure I will make a couple postings about tonight's TRL finale, Total Finale Live... But this is the first one.

Backstreet Boys came back and performed together [minus Kevin, of course..] and did a LOT better than what I expected.

When they first started, Brian was sounding kinda rough and I was a little worried. They ARE a lot older, after all, and have different voices than what they did for "I Want It That Way," but they did pretty good! I'm happy with it. Check it out-->

YAY they're making a new album! [Even though I am on NSYNC's side of the boy band spectrum, you KNOW I love "the good ol' days!"] And I like the comment about how this boy band has outlived TRL. Who woulda thunk?!

Good job, Boys!!


PS: They also performed "All I Have To Give," but it didn't air.. So check it out here-->

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