Monday, November 17, 2008

in case it didn't make you sick the first time

Remember the pregnant guy over the summer? Mr. Thomas Beatie..?

Welp, he's pregnant again.. And ready for even MORE publicity.

If you somehow DIDN'T hear about him/this before, he's a married man, who used to be a woman, but "switched" into a man to feel more comfortable with himself. He still has all of the female organs, and has stopped taking female hormones so that he is able to have kids.

So, he had his first kid on June 29.. And the second one is due June 10. [Yay for June babies!]

And, he's not just doing it for publicity, apparently. He says having a baby is a human desire and he's lucky enough to be able to do it. He also says they HAD to go public with it..

"Hiding a pregnant man is like hiding an 800-pound gorilla," he told the news network of his decision to go public. Nancy and I wanted to tell our story from our own mouths before it got out."
--Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man

I don't think I can say anything bad about this except that dang, it's awfully soon to have another kid.. Let alone a kid in the public eye.. And a kid being born by a guy. It's a little much, really.. But, I'm all about letting people do what they want to do..

So do what you want, guy! But let's try and slow it down after this one, eh?!


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