Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's Top 10 Thursday! ;)

Ever see athletes who worry more about getting publicity for things other than how they're playing? There's quite a bit of them, but I have for you

The Top 10 Most Outrageous Athletes

Adam "Pacman" Jones, football
Could the guy get arrested anymore times?! Since leaving the wonderful school of WVU [;)] and entering the NFL, he has been arrested about 8 or more times for anything from speeding, to a loud verbal tantrum, to a shooting outside a club. He's been suspended from the league a couple of times, but he doesn't seem to mind as he is also a professional wrestler. And PS-- As of yesterday, he will be reinstated this season after two more games.

Tonya Harding, ice skating
She's outrageous for one specific incident; "The attack." In 1994, just before the Olympic trials, she hired someone to hit her competition, Nancy Kerrigan, in the knee with a baseball bat. What?! That's crazy. Who HONESTLY goes through with something like that?

Clinton Portis, football
Ever heard of Dolemite Jenkins or Southeast Jerome?! They're Portis' characters from Thursday night press conferences. He would dress up as these various "people" and answer the questions from the press. He said it was part of getting the team pumped, as they would all help.. I call it asking for even more attention.

OJ Simpson, football
I don't need to even begin to explain this one. He killed his ex-wife. But, somehow, like magic, he didn't end up in jail. That was, until this year when he was charged with robbery, burglary, kidnapping... just to name a few. Now, finally, he might be looking at spending the rest of his life in jail. I guess this was just all part of his celebration for becoming the first NFL player to rush for over 2,000 yards in a season.

Terrell Owens, football

When this guy starts to talk, all you think is "shut.. UP!" am I right? Everything he says is ridiculous. When he was an Eagle, he continuously hated on his own team, wearing Dallas jerseys, saying the team would be better without McNabb, and fighting the "big guys" for not recognizing his individual achievements. When he switched to the Cowboys, he suddenly stood up for his quarterback like no one else.. by crying. Cut the act, it's getting old.

Ricky Williams, football
If it's not enough that the man dressed up as a bride for the cover of ESPN Magazine his rookie year, I don't know what is. But, in case it's not, he's also very open about his habit of smoking weed.. And the fact that he's okay with it. He even said "marijuana is 10 times better for me than Paxil." Plus, he's already retired from the game, and came back after a couple of spiritual seeking missions.. I hate when people do that.

Michael Vick, football
Two words: Dog fighting. The guy went from one of the top 10 richest athletes [and most talented, I must say] in 2007, to making less than a dollar day when he went to jail and got suspended from the Vikings. Still he's remaining optimistic about being immediately reinstated into the NFL upon his release. My goodness, it wouldn't surprise me.

Mike Tyson, boxing
Biting someone's ear off is like the definition of outrageous. And did you know he was considered "the baddest man on the planet?" He was. And that says something too. Oh, and did I mention the ridiculous tattoo on his face? C'mon man.. Was that necessary?

Chad Johnson, football

Wait, am I supposed to say Chad Ocho Cinco? I guess the cool thing these days is to do is change your name to the spanish version of your jersey number.. Ugh. What is cool, though, are his infamous touchdown celebrations. These were another example of how to define outrageous. [I wish I could have found a better video.. I wanted the baby one.] They're clever and witty, and he had plenty of times to show them off. Only problem was when the NFL decided to make the rules more strict on fining such celebrations. Now what will he come up with?!

Dennis Rodman, basketball
Homeboy is crazy. How many different colors has he dyed his hair? And how many piercings has he had on his face alone?! He too dressed up as a bride, but to promote his autobiography.. And to show off his flamboyant and bisexual lifestyle. If all of this doesn't prove to be outrageous enough, how about his affair with Madonna or marriage to Carmen Electra?

Whether one of these athletes is still in the game or not, they're all still around, soaking in the media, every chance they get.

So much for just 15 minutes of fame, huh?!


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