Saturday, November 29, 2008

human stampede

I had heard that WalMart's Black Friday sales were so amazing that the stores would be lined with people well before opening hours, and that once let in, it would be crazy.

Crazy, understandable. Mad house.. Fine. But a zoo?! Or even it being like wildlife in Africa, is not okay.

In Nassau County, Long Island, NY, when the doors opened at 5 AM, a worker was KILLED after being ran over by out of control shoppers!

Literally, RAN over. By a human stampede.

That's not it, either. At least FOUR other people were taken to the hospital.. Including an 8 month pregnant lady.

This is something in the movies. The cartoon movies. Absolutely nuts.

You send Daddy or whoever off to work at WalMart and next thing you know, he's trampled to death. Ahhhh!!!

Rest in peace, dude. I apologize for the crazies.


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