Saturday, November 29, 2008

For today's countdown celebration, I bring you some of Britney's Pepsi Superbowl commercials.. From back when she used to be one of the main spokespeople.

The picture is part of her work with Herbal Essences. Definitely her best print ads..

This one is definitely one of my favorites, if not the absolute favorite-->

Pretty sure this isn't for the Super Bowl, but it's kind of interesting-->

Ahh, she was so beautiful and into her work!

3 days til CIRCUS!!!!! 1 day til FOR THE RECORD!!! :-D

Who's pumped?!


PS: She was also on France's Star Academy last night.. Which is like their version of Idol. She performed Womanizer.. Check it out-->

The lady's face in the beginning is terrible and hilarious and I love it. I'm thinking BritBrit isn't really singing, but a) not many people do these days and b) it's still a step up from last year's VMAs.

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