Thursday, October 2, 2008

a variety show, eh?

So Rosie O'Donnell is returning to our tv's.. as a variety show host!


It's actually been a rumor for a while now.. but it's official! She's going to be hosting "Rosie's Variety Show" on NBC the night before Thanksgiving! (November 26)

Oh, and it's going to be LIVE! No prerecorded blur-outs. No having to search the net to see mishaps. You'll see it.. live! Music, comedy, everything!

NBC VP Alternative Craig Plestis says it's going to revamp the idea of a Variety show.. "This will reinvent the idea of what a variety show is for 2008. There's very few performers willing to put themselves out there live. It makes it more TiVo-proof, and it's something none of the cable networks can do."

I'm pretty pumped! Mostly because my mom always talks about how she used to watch variety shows and I never really have.. AND because I can finally report a show coming out that does not have ANYTHING to do with Rock of Love, I Love New York, or Diddy. ALSO.. the Osbournes are supposed to be having one on FOX sometime in the spring.. but they're getting beaten to it!

It's time for a comeback after that "View" scandal, Rosie! And I know you can do it! ;)


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