Monday, October 27, 2008


Question. Pick me.

Great. How old is too old to be having a kid?? Do you think maybe 68 is pushing the limit a bit?

What if you have a 44 and 17 year old son? Think you should have one more?

Welp, Michael Gambon, AKA Dumbledore from Harry Potter thinks it's not a bad idea, apparently. His 43 year old girlfriend is preggers with their second child.

Oh and did I mention he also has a wife of 45 years? Try to keep up with me, here..

"He continues to see his wife and mistress, but is very secretive about both relationships. He may be getting on, but Michael is still a wizard with the ladies."
--Friend of Gambon

Uh. Wow. This is a problem. I wonder how the kid will even come out?! And what do the other siblings say?! Holy cow. This is awkward.

Hey Mister, I don't think you're supposed to have kids over the age of like, 40.. So, uh, let's calm it down please, okay?


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