Monday, October 27, 2008

little tidbits for today

Here's some things you need to know, but I don't need to expand on.. ;) Enjoy!

  • Slutbrey O'Day is claiming she and Kanye West recently made out.. Ya okay.
  • Amy Winehouse is back in the hospital again.. With a chest infection. My goodness.
  • Madonna is planning on having a funeral to bury all of ex-husband Guy Ritchie's stuff. That's a little bit too much.
  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year is officially the number 1 movie right now.. pulling in 43 million dollars over the weekend. Big surprise.............
  • Dee Snider of Twisted Sister says that Rock n Roll was killed by none other than Bon Jovi
  • Diddy posed for Vogue magazine with his twin daughters in only bow ties. Nothing else. Inappropriate. [Check it out below.]
  • Country singer Trace Adkins made a comment about how gay marriage "ain't right" at one of his recent concerts. Woopsies.
  • John McCain's brother, Joe, called 911 this weekend because he was stuck in traffic in Alexandria, VA. Wow, he really hates NoVA, eh?

Diddy and his kids posing for Vogue Magazine

Ahh, what a day. What a weekend. I need to catch up.


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