Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is another one of my completely random, has nothing to do with anything, posts.. But I saw it on a HOT 99.5 intern's blog, and I thought they were cool, so I'm here to relay it to you. :)

It's cool things to buy for guys, or yourself, or whoever. :)

First.. Everyone knows the leg-lamp in "A Christmas Story".. Why not revolutionize it, if you will, and get gun lamps?

Okay, this is awesome. And I want it. Now. It's a chrome liquor-dispensing keg. Yeah. For the bar-top. Holds a couple bottles of liquor and stays fresh. Looks fresh too!

WHOOO likes weird/different/cool furniture? Welp, if you do, you probably want this. PACMAN FURNITURE! Yeah, awesome, I know. They're like little seats with ottomans as the "food" if you will.. But they puzzle-piece together!

Finally, what's your favorite game system?! If it's the original Nintendo, you're going to love this. A BELT BUCKLE!!! Holy moly. You could remember the "good ol days" every day! [PS it's 10$ off right now.. til tomorrow.]

I'm in love with the last 3. And now I feel like a crazy salesperson. Oh well.

You got anything else great for me?!

Thanks to the fellow intern, Vijay! ;)


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