Monday, October 6, 2008

somewhat unbelievable

Ever think about how old different celebs are? I feel like a lot of times they're doing things that are older/younger than their age. For example, older people are going out and partying all crazy, or younger ones are growing up fast, getting married, having kids, etc. But because they have an image of whatever age, they stay that age forever it seems. Check out some examples.. and compare them to other celebs their age..

Angelina Jolie vs. Tara Reid--> 33 y/o

Yea, they're the same age. And though I think they somewhat look the same age-wise, they sure don't act it. Angelina is still very much a sex symbol for younger people, but she's married, and has what, 100 kids by now? She's adopted, traveled around the world, made tons of HUGE movies. She's a grown woman. Tara on the other hand.. yes, still a hottie, but is still known for her partying, being scandalous, and doing a little less serious of movies/tv shows.

Scarlett Johansson vs. Lindsay Lohan--> 24 y/o

Both have sweet abbreviated names.. but ScarJo acts quite a bit older than our once sweet, young, straight Parent Trap star LiLo. Scarlett just got married last week to Ryan Reynolds.. around the same time that Lindsay "came out." Scarlett is trying to be the next Hollywood STARlet, which LiLo is trying to live the college life she never had. The worst part is about this one, I don't think I can say that they are BOTH "hott" right now.. BUT.. as terrible as this is, I feel like Lindsay lives like a 24 year old more than Mrs. Johansson-Reynolds does.

Howard Stern vs. Denzel Washington--> 54 y/o

I feel like I don't need to explain anything on this one. Even though Mr. Nasty himself got married this past weekend, I don't know that we can say he's on the same level as Mr. Washington. Denzel has won 2 Academy Awards and 3 Golden Globes. Howard Stern has won.. uh.. yea, I don't know. They're the prime example of classy vs. raunchy, and that is all I need or can say.

Thank you LimeLife for the inspiration for this post. :)


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