Friday, October 3, 2008


How many times have you seen a kid (or maybe even yourself) sing along to some rap song, knowing EVERY word.. yet you KNOW they can't know what they're singin ABOUT.

[Well, I guess this IS 2008.. so they might know what it's about..]

Welp, thanks to Beats and Bombs, we have the 8 Raunchiest Rap Songs Kids Love to Sing..

8. Next--> "Too Close"
7. Lil John and The Eastside Boys--> "Get Low"
6. Lil Wayne--> "Lollipop"
5. Kelis--> "Milkshake"
4. D4L--> "Laffy Taffy"
3. Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil Kim, and Pink--> "Lady Marmalade"
2. Rihanna--> "Umbrella"
1. Soulja Boy--> "Crank Dat"

I definitely agree with all of the songs.. ESPECIALLY with Soulja Boy at number 1. But I think I'd put Kelis and Lil Wayne in the #2 and 3 spots.. with Get Low in #4. But Rihanna?! Homeboy who made the list said its about her vajayjay.. uhh, I don't see it.. maybe I'm just too innocent for that. ;)

Good list though, props.


PS: The Lollipop link is to a podcast from The KANE Show where he found a Kidz Bop leak of the song. Turned out to be fake, but it still represents little kiddies singin the song, which is hella creepy. [If it doesn't work, click here and find "8/25/08 Lollipop"]

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