Tuesday, October 7, 2008

morons on monday 100608

It's super late, so finding the best stories didn't happen as planned, and I apologize. Still, I wanna get on a roll of doing daily things, so here are your moron news stories to check out.. :)

A man is charged with actually scaring a woman to death.. Wow.

A Loudon teacher is arrested for being found with weed.. in the school parking lot.

Is staying to long at a fast food restaurant like KFC a crime? Sure is.

Can you get pulled over for not knowing how to parallel park? After watching this video, I'd hope SOMETHING can happen. And from now on, I feel like no one should have to worry about other people watching them parallel park after THIS guy was caught.

Worst Parallel Parking Attempt Ever - Watch more free videos

Next week will be better, scouts honor. Hope you had a great start to your week!


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