Monday, October 6, 2008

just another doubter

I can't say I have ever read Peter King's "Monday Morning Quartback.." but after Milf (a cowboys fan) told me to check it out tonight, I made sure I did all of my catching up.

This week it opens talking about running backs calling plays... Running backs named Clinton Portis, that is. I didn't know it, but apparently Coach Zorn let Portis call that play on 4th and 1. The play that sealed us the win over Philly yesterday. I'm pretty impressed. Portis has done a HUGE deal of stepping up this season and I couldn't be happier about it. And every time he does, all I can think about is how he must be thinking about our beloved #21 every time.. Or so I assume, considering this really all started right after we lost him.

Anyways, King hasn't done too much bashing of Washington yet in this week's edition so far. In fact, he even says "There's a lot to like about these Redskins and their coach right now." So far, so good.

Then comes the Fine Fifteen.. where he picks the top 15 teams.. and where Washington sat at #4 last week. Now, we're #5. Giants #1, then Tennessee, Dallas, and Pittsburgh. Hmm. Call me crazy, but I think after you win two huge games in a row, both on the road, both in-conference, both teams that were being talked about as playoff contenders during preseason, you should move UP a spot, if anything. We're still TWO spots behind Dallas.

And look, I'm a firm believer in if you beat a team, that doesn't always mean you're better. (I have to be this season, seeing as I'm a Mountaineer.) But doesn't schedule come into play here somewhere? Of course Mr. King "takes it into consideration" when he says we've had a "scheduling advantage." Have we? Does playing all of the NFC East teams, in their stadiums, all within the first 5 games, count as an advantage? Again, call me crazy, but I hardly think so. I think playing teams like the Browns (1-3), Packers (2-3), Eagles (2-3) AT HOME, and Bengals (0-4), while still being considered as one of the best teams in football, is more of a scheduling advantage. I mean sure, we're about to hit a bit of an easier, more paved road than the bumpy one we've had to travel on thus far, but that hardly means we have a "scheduling advantage."

Okay that's all I'm going to say about Mr. Peter King.. seeing as he IS the "pro" at this, right? Well one more thing.. he mentions that it's "eerie" that we haven't turned the ball over yet this season. Yes, okay, the Skins aren't normally the team to do such things.. but we're doing it. And maybe that's just one more reason to reevaluate how we're rated.. cuz we're the ONLY team doing it right now.

Now I'm done. Mostly because, as I said before, I'm a firm believer in jinxing things. I'm kind of okay with being underrated because then our hearts stay big and we play hard every time. But, while knocking on wood, I want to share a fact that Milf [ya know, the Cowboys fan.. who actually said "even now, he has them ranked BELOW the Cowboys, I mean, I can't even drink that juice as a Cowboys fan when he was telling me about this.] shared with me.

Every time the New York Giants have won the Super Bowl, the Redskins have done it the following year.

Woah. So Milf continues: "it pains me to say this, but....Skins are going all the way."

Again, watch it. No jinxing.
But woah, would that be cool.

All I'm saying is.. in this terribly long rant that is unusual for my blog but so very typical of me, is that I want you to be some haters so that we can keep surprising you, but at the same time, don't be surprised, or you'll look like a fool.

And Peter King, stop loving on the Cowboys so much.. take a step outside of the box.


PS: I leave you with this post-game video of Randle El leading the new tradition of "Hip Hip Hooray".. they're all so excited!

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