Friday, October 17, 2008

is it worth it?

Did you guys hear about the girl about 2 months ago who was selling her virginity to pay for her schooling?!

Meet Natalie Dylan. She's doing just that. Selling her "virginity."

Hmm.. I'm pretty sure someone had proven that she wasn't a virgin and it was all a hoax, but apparently bidding is still taking place.

For how much? Ohhhh about 1-3.8 million dollars!!!!!

First of all... Look at the pictures. I can't believe that there is any way she is still a virgin.
Second.. NO! YOU DON'T PAY THAT MUCH FOR SEX! No matter WHO it is or WHY it's happening.

Oh my goodness. This is absurd.

Girlfriend, stop being a hooker and pretending like it's totally normal. It's not.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

told you id be a daily reader of your blog .. this bitch natalie dylan is whack .. HOT! but whack .. a better story ..