Thursday, October 16, 2008

hollywood's greatest mom

While Britney is off recording music, losing weight, planning a tour [yea, there are definitely plans for a world tour being negotiated. More on that another time], and making the biggest comeback of her life....

Her mom is planning to put her world on the big screen.

Apparently she thinks her book, "Through the Storm," would be a great movie.

First of all, lady.. Have you not promoted it enough? You went on The Today Show, and every other show for that matter, to promote your book in which you throw out all of your FAMILY SECRETS, and make both of your daughters AND YOU look terrible. Why make it a movie?

She's crazy. But she wants Anna Faris to play BritBrit, and Julia Roberts to play herself.

Really? Anna Faris? Yes, she'd be great to make a PARODY of Britney's life.. but it's your daughter.. shouldn't you want to portray her in a little brighter of a light than what Anna brings to movies? And JULIA ROBERTS?! She's an Oscar winner. I hardly think she'll want to play in a movie about Britney and her family's life. Just sayin.

BritBrit's not too happy about it either..

"Britney is telling friends, 'That woman doesn't even seem like my mother any more'. She was overheard saying, 'She will do anything to get herself more famous and make more money off my name. It's just unreal. If I could cut her out my life completely, I would.' "
--Friend of Britney Spears

Ugh, Mama Spears is making me mad.

I have no more words for you, "Mom." Britney and Jamie Lynn, I feel for you.


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