Thursday, October 9, 2008

have no fear

Just in case anyone was worried about The Hills dying down any time soon, or wondering what would happen with Whitney since she is living the lifestyle on two different coasts, you don't have to be.

Whitney Port is actually getting her OWN show on MTV now. What's it called? Well, we all know MTV is super creative, so they called it "The City." I'll give you one guess on where it will be set.

Yup. None other then NYC. Good guess.

Apparently she's going to be meeting up with an old friend and meeting the guy of her dreams. [I wonder if it's Chase Crawford?! She has been seen with him a couple of times lately.. He's one of the Gossip Guys.]

My thing is.. I feel like she's the most boring one on The Hills.. and SHE'S the one getting her own new show? Hopefully it's because she's not boring, but they have no other way to show that than to create something new. Either way, I'll be tuning in.

Good luck, Whitney! Question: Will we be seeing Miss LC in your show a lot, too?!


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