Saturday, October 4, 2008

finally caught

OJ Simpson= GUILTY!!! Finally!

EXACTLY 13 years after being let loose for "not" killing his ex-wife, Mr. Simpson is going to jail for 25 years-life for 12 different crimes-- armed robbery, kidnapping, etc.

Have no fear, though... his attorney has already promised an appeal. Of course.

He said OJ is "stupid" for "staging the operation".. but remains true by his belief that the ex-NFL player is once again innocent... righttt..

If you don't know the story, they're saying OJ and 5 others stole things from two memorabilia collectors who they "thought" had taken things from Mr. Simpson.

Hmm.. are we headed to yet another case that will never end? At least, not until our "beloved" football player is declared innocent once again? I doubt it. I think enough people are sick of this guy being innocent and are going to declare him guilty whether he is or not.. but who knows.

Nice try though, OJ.. Good effort...........


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