Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fashion police: pull over

WOO WOOP! [That's a siren, duh.] Someone's got to tell these ladies that this is NOT okay.

First.. Fantasia at a pre-party for the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Fantasia, girlfriend, I'm sorry, but you don't have a lot to work with in the first place. Why in the world would you ever wear a skin tight outfit like this?!

Next up: Tara Reid on the beach

Granted, I know a lot of people are happy for her because she looks more "healthy" now and put on some weight, but a) she's still got some more to put on, I think. And b) If my stomach looked awkward/wrinkly like that, I'm not sure I'd want to flaunt it. Finally, c) That lipstick. Woah.

Call me harsh on Fantasia, I don't care. I think everyone will agree with me. Call me mean about Tara and, well, whatever. I'm sorry but I don't want to see these pictures. Gross.

Try harder next time, ladies.


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