Sunday, October 12, 2008

everyone's best friend

I'm not sure if anyone watches Ellen like I do, but I have come to the realization that EVERYONE she puts on her show comes off as an amazing person.

I want to give two examples from the past week of my viewing [I'm a little behind just because I have to DVR everything.] of people who I feel like are my new best friends after watching her show.

I have ALWAYS been a fan of Chris Brown, so of course I got excited when he was on.. But once again, Ellen came through and had fun with him and got him to somewhat talk about what everyone wants confirmed: Rihanna.

A couple days before she had Shemar Moore on. I never knew much about him other than I saw him in Tyler Perry movies and other random shows, but now I dub him one of the greatest male celebrities.

She talked to him about finding the right lady.. who he hopes might be Jennifer Aniston one day! He came off as such a genuinely great human being.

I should do this more often.. but here are just a few great Ellen moments for ya.

I vote you check her out every morning, to be honest. She's hilarious.


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