Wednesday, October 1, 2008

beauty doesn't equal skill

Does anyone watch "Dancing With the Stars"???

I'm sure there are some guys who watch just to see Kim Kardashian and her gargantuan booty.

Or.. watched.. I guess I should say.

Yea, she got voted off last night. I don't watch it, but I always want to! And I always wondered how the "hott girl" was doing. Well, check it out for yourself-->

One word: Yikes.

She's TERRIBLE! She has NO emotion. NO skill. It almost even comes off as no rhythm. Maybe she's just nervous.. maybe she genuinely feels awkward to show emotion towards her partner.. or maybe she's afraid Reggie will beat him up. Who knows. Either way, based on this video, I'm sure she deserved to go home last night.

Kim, you tell everyone to not pay attention to your ASS-ets. To look at your face and not down there.. to pay attention to your skill. WHAT SKILL?! All you got is junk in the trunk. And by the way, Kourtney is prettier than you. :)


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