Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Welp. Guess their plan didn't work out as well as they had hoped..

The 60th Annual Emmy Awards' reality show cohosts are getting an interesting set of reviews..

..none of which, are very great.

Not sure if any of you guys saw it, but the opening was pretty rough. They literally just stood there and talked.. over top of each other.. and none of it was funny..

And all the while, little Vicky's Secret model Heidi Klum looked just as out of place as we thought she might ahead of time.. standing there in silence and confusion.

Apparently, when 5 people get together it's impossible.. that's what Jeff Probst said anyways. Since they couldn't come to an agreement, they just went with nothing... cuz that always seems like a good idea, right?

Entourage's Jeremy Piven even poked fun after winning his award for best supporting actor.. he said he should just stand up there for 12 minutes and talk... but nevermind, that's what the opening was.

The 5 hosts were picked because of their nominations into a brand new category of best host of a reality show. We all know reality is certainly taking over, so it's a great category. Probst ("Survivor") ended up winning. [I personally think he's definitely got a great show and a lot of experience so I'm not mad.. but we all know how much I love me some Seacrest..]

So apparently it needs to be said that reality tv needs to take a step back and stop taking all the jobs from the actors.. but don't kill the messenger.. I didn't say it.


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