Tuesday, September 30, 2008

wanna get laid on halloween?

I know everyone is beginning to figure out what they're going to be for Halloween at this point... and maybe even what you're going to do.

I'm assuming that at this point, most people who read this blog are in college, and probably trying to.. "have a good time" on Halloween night.

Lucky you! I found this list, on MetroMix, of the top costumes that are destined to get you laid.

Check it out-->

  • Sassy Disney Characters.. They're reasoning makes no sense to me so I'm going to go with the whole "fairy tale" route. Everyone grew up watching the classic movies and having crushes/fantasies (depending on how out of control you were as a kid..) about the characters. Now.. can their wildest dreams come true?!
  • Sassy Witch... After going to the Halloween store yesterday, plenty of hott young women were getting these costumes. Maybe it has something to do with the classic costume, or maybe it plays on the "Bewitched" fantasy.. either way, it's magic.
  • Anything with a dog also in costume... Especially if you're a guy, definitely bring your dog. And dress him up. The ladies are bound to flock around you.
  • Fro'd Comedian.. Think Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen... They're wildly popular right now. Every girl imagines teaming up with one of them for a night they're not used to.
  • Judge.. The thing about this one is.. you wear a robe and.. well, what is under that robe? Anything? Nothing? It's a mystery someone might want to figure out.
That's some of the list they gave. I feel like I could add more, but I'm not sure. Most girls think cowgirls, or anything slutty really.. I'm a firm believer in being different. Leaving something for the imagination. And not buying whatever looks hott on the rack.

Good list overall, but what would you add? Let me know, I'm totally interested.


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