Monday, September 29, 2008

slight wardrobe malfunction

Not sure if anyone still watches Survivor anymore... but I can bet that no one caught this while it was happening.

And if you did, more power to ya, cuz the Survivor crew sure didn't.

Check that out.. Marcus's... uh... "thing"... is peeking out of his boxers just trying to get some air time!

Guys, I know you're probably freaked out, yet watching it over and over again. Ladies, he's HOTT! Check him out-->

Now.. how come Janet Jackson gets fined because her boob pops out, even though the nipple is covered, but Survivor doesn't look to be facing any legal action... yet anyways.

Atta boy Marcus.. way to stir up controversy and get Survivor some attention. Will we see more interesting "exposures"??


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