Monday, September 29, 2008

he's big headed

This one is for the ladies AND the fellas! :)

And no, it's nothing bad about Chris Brown.. I could never do such a thing.

He's actually coming out with an underwear line.. called "Big Headed" (interesting) for males AND females!!

The main page says "Feeling is believing. Big Headed boxers have a touching feel about them.. Put them on and you'll feel good. Your partner will feel good, and you'll be able to feel your partner feeling good." ..Wowzers!

The whole front page is actually pretty scandalous. And by front page I mean the whole site. They have models VIDEO-MODEL all the undies for you! It's like a crazy new-age technology thing I feel! And every piece has a scandalous slogan thing.

It's pretty sweet! But ohh, you want me to show you? OK.. Check it out ;) [click to make it bigger]-->

1.) One of the pictures on the main page
2.)Satin Boxahs--> Be a knockout in the satin boxahs.
3&4.) Breakaway boxers--> Don't get caught up at the ankles.
5.) Classic thong--> So cute you'll want to show it, so smooth you'll forget it's there.
6.) Peek a boo Sports bra--> Peek-a-boo in Big Headed too!
7.) Safety Collection Boxers, No U-Turn--> Access denied, Please reroute. [<-- written on butt] I think it's cute. Definitely a shocker though. Only problem I have is that he calls them "boxahs" and said "boi shorts".. and that it's a bit expensive. If anyone wants to buy me some, I'd totally be okay with it. If not, Chris, can you please hook it up for a fellow Virginian?! ;) love, elizabethany

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