Monday, September 22, 2008

going solo?

Oh man... after checking everything out, I think it could totally be true. Dawn Richards is working on some sort of solo career, and Diddy is def helping her out, even though he's denying it til the end.. this picture is part of her "promo" set..

Danity Kane members are also denying it.. saying that a break-up is definitely not happening... and of course Mr. Combs doesn't want people giving up on his first prodigy group yet, so he "knows nothing about it." HOWEVERRR, reports are saying that he's been flying her to all sorts of places to help "promote DK".. and just having her secretly meet with him in all different places...

Take a look at this video and tell me if you think he really has no intentions of helping her go solo.. or that he's not favoring her a little bit...

When you're done with that, check out this song... Dawn Richards feat. Lil Wayne, "Phase"

and this one featuring Flo Rida..

I don't know, Diddy.. I love Dawn, and I reallyyy do like the songs.. but DK is not something to die... not yet anyways. I say keep denying it, and stop letting things get leaked! I don't want my girls fighting on the set of Making the Band.. and I need to attend the concert again next summer. :)


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