Wednesday, September 24, 2008

doin big things

So, Kanye has recently been uttering some quick *nudges* at 50 cent about competing for record sales again...

Thing is, 50 is comin out with his next CD on December 9, just one week before Kanye's debuts..

OH.. and did I add that he's ALSO coming out with a movie the same day?!

Thats right! And they're both going to be titled "Before I Self-Destruct".. BUTTT.. they won't be sharing the same music..

He told Rolling Stone that they will both be about "showing characters under pressure in scenarios where they felt like there were no other options, even though there were." He adds--> "There are always options. People just usually start to see them while being incarcerated - for not seeing them in the first place.”

WOW! This is kinda cool I think.. and will totally help album sales, right?! I just wonder how much it will be like "8 Mile..."

Good luck 50! As much as I like Kanye's music, I'm not so much a fan for the conceited... mmm.. you know what. Can't wait!


OOH! PS!! I JUST saw that Kanye now changed the date of his album to be in November because "it's done so everyone should hear it"
.....ya okay.

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